Matt Baxter Luceno

Ht: 5’ 11” Hair: Brown
Wt: 160 Eyes: Blue
 Baker Management
 Jaime Baker

914.391.5261 /

Theater:  New York  (selected list)

The Winter’s Tale Florizel / various Everett Quinton
Chemistry of Love Tyler La MaMa E.T.C., George Ferencz
The Island of Doctor Moreau Various Piper Theatre Productions, John McEneny
The Merry Wives of Windsor Terrace Abraham Slender Brave New World Rep, John Morgan
Uranus Boy 1 Superhero Clubhouse, Jeremy Pickard
We Too Are Mammals Global Waters Overturn Theatre Ensemble, Kristy Dodson
Octave Turtle Shell Productions, Shawn Rozsa
Highway Patrolman
Joe Roberts 8 Minute Madness Festival, Elfin Vogel
The Knight of the Burning Pestle  (reading)
Jasper Red Bull Theater, Everett Quinton
Vauthor  (staged reading) Ambrozy The Actors Studio, Stephan Morrow
The Marquise  (staged reading) Miguel Noel Coward Festival, Kevin Hogan
Three Sisters  (staged reading) Tuzenbach Brave New World Rep, David Frutkoff
All in the Timing  (staged reading) Swift / Al Spare Change Theater, Shawn Rozsa
Jasper  (staged reading) Lee Stella Powell-Jones
Viet Rock  (reading) Jesus Christ / various La MaMa E.T.C., George Ferencz
The Celestial Hurl  (reading) Dante Gabriel Rossetti La MaMa E.T.C., George Ferencz
Canada Lee  (reading) Jimmy La MaMa E.T.C., George Ferencz

Theater:  Regional  (selected)

Dancing Lessons Ever Montgomery ARC Stages – Next Stage, Stephanie Kovacs Cohen
A Year In The Trenches Joyce Kilmer / various East Lynne Theater Company, Gayle Stahlhuth
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane East Lynne Theater Company, Gayle Stahlhuth
It Pays to Advertise Rodney Martin East Lynne Theater Company, Gayle Stahlhuth
King Lear  (with Stacy Keach) Ensemble / King of France Shakespeare Theatre Company, Robert Falls
Julius Caesar Octavius Caesar Shakespeare on the Sound, Ezra Barnes
Ion Ensemble & u/s Hermes, Messenger Shakespeare Theatre Company, Ethan McSweeny
Twelfth Night u/s Sir Andrew Shakespeare Theatre Company, Rebecca Taichman
Hamlet  (Fellows Project) Hamlet / Guildenstern Shakespeare Theatre Company, David Paul
Romeo and Juliet Mercutio Allentown Shakespeare in the Park, Jadrien Steele

Film / Television / Internet

Daddy’s Girl  (short) Alex  (lead) TentSquare Finalist, Michael Chmiel
Designated Father  (short) Micah  (lead) Wali Mbekeani
Asabiyyah: A New Social Cohesion Martin Grey  (lead) Traplight Media, Jeff Bonistalli
The Passion of Tebow Tim Tebow  (lead) CollegeHumor/, Paul Briganti
Guiding Light Airport Clerk  (u/5) CBS
Gym Rats  (short) Health Nut  (supporting) Canned Samp Films, Andrew Lee
Community Service John Peykar  (lead) Canned Samp Films, Andrew Lee


(full list available upon request)

Purchase Rep

The Grapes of Wrath Tom Joad Charles Turner
Boys’ Life Don Lawrence Kornfeld
The Laramie Project Jedadiah Schultz / various Joan Potter
Hamlet Marcellus / Player King / Osric Elmore James
Short Ives Gorph / Inspector Dexter Dean Irby
The Oresteia Watchman / Chorus Lawrence Kornfeld
The Trial Franz / Titorelli Jonathan Rosenberg


SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory,  BFA
*  President’s Award in Acting

Acting Fellowship,  Shakespeare Theatre Company, Washington, D.C.


Guitar – singer/songwriter (baritone). Improv & Sketch (Monkeys in the Atrium, 2 years – Comedy Cellar, Gotham, Joe Franklin’s, etc). Stand-up. Basketball. Baseball. Football. Golf caddie. Stage combat (hand to hand, rapier, dagger). IPA trained (Dialects upon request). Disc golf. Drivers license. Passport.