Reviews for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

“Matt Baxter Luceno is a great Ichabod Crane and is even likeable when he allows ambition to lead him astray. He is also too good looking for his own good and exhibits a fine baritone voice. It’s no wonder that Katrina Van Tassel played by the delectable Elisa Pupko falls for him hook, line, and sinker.”

“Stahlhuth has assembled a fine cast of professionals who never flinch for a minute and are very fast on their feet.”

– Ed Wismer, Cape May Star and Wave

“Matt Baxter Luceno, appealingly elegant and courtly as Ichabod Crane (on his good behavior), arouses our sympathy as the harassed and terrified outsider. In addition, Mr. Luceno possesses a wonderful singing voice. This is well displayed in scenes in which — as a pretext for wooing her — he teaches Katrina to sing.”

– Jay Reisberg, Culture Catch

“Matt Baxter Luceno’s performance as Ichabod Crane was endearing, yet a bit creepy – very true to the character in the book.”

“The most remarkable features of the production are an outstanding adaptation, astounding cast, and precise direction…. This play was engaging and it moved.”           – Tom Sims, Exit Zero

  Reviews for Chemistry of Love

“This play has excellent performances by actors Jenne Vath as Karen the New Jersey outsider with unrealized artistic ambitions and Matt Baxter Luceno as Tyler, the hipster artist with deeply pretentious clichés about art and life.”

– Larry Litt, New York Theatre Wire

“…Resoundingly compelling play.. All four actors give fine, authentic performances in roles that lesser players would let slip into cliché. They are consistently outstanding in both lighter, humorous and darker, serious scenes.”

– Jay Reisberg, Culture Catch

“Matt Baxter Luceno as Tyler does a beautiful job as a smarter than he appears individual. In a gripping scene with Lara in which both are high with drugs and in another in which he is irrevocably rejected after repeatedly declaring his love for her, he manages the almost impossible feat of playing over the top and making it work.”

“The four complex characters never cease to keep our attention; to keep us waiting for the other shoe to fall… Don’t miss it.“

– Patricia Norris, Woman Around Town

“This well-acted and well-staged production explores the problems one faces when they depict their personal life in their art.”

– Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre is Easy

“The play goes to surprising places, ones I never would have seen coming in the opening beats.. George Ferencz gets subtle and effective work out of the close-knit ensemble”          – Trav S. D., Travalanche

  Reviews for King Lear

“..Astonishing corps of actors who keep throwing themselves—metaphorically and bodily—at the excesses Falls has dreamed up.”

“This Lear moves like a juggernaut”        – Trey Graham, Washington City Paper

“The production’s got so much going for it, in fact, you might want to go again.”

– Peter Marks, The Washington Post

“The cast of thirty all give remarkable performances… This King Lear has tension you can cut with a knife. It is extraordinary, energetic and engrossing. Highly recommended.”

– Marilou Donahue

“Falls’ interpretation of this great tragedy is bound for the thin air where immortal productions live on… My advice to lovers of classical theatre – do whatever you have to do to see it.”

– Maggie Lawrence, Star Exponent

  Reviews for Scapin

“Actors Matt Luceno and Nico Evers-Swindell as Octave and Leandre make a swell team of vain and neurotic fops”

“If you’ve never seen a Turtle Shell show this is the one to induct yourself with.”

– Jonathan Reuning, United Stages

“The ladies… mug shamelessly, as does the pure-at-heart Octave (Matt Luceno)”

“The players are all very good, but more than that, they are perfectly cast… the enthusiastic and very talented cast turned the audience of adults at last night’s show into a gaggle of giddy oversized boys and girls”

– Jon Sobel, BlogCritics

“The cast of Scapin does a marvelous job.”         – Byrne Harrison, StageBuzz